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About me and my interests

I am József Sziránszki „the Bard”, live in Hungary, in Central Europe. I have been enthralled by nature and the culture of the peoples living close to nature since my childhood.  This way, I came by the religious world and way of living of the Scythian people. I research and live the elements and rituals of the shamanism, and invoke the music of old times.

You can listen to my music here. My music as well as lyrics are written by me, in the form of poems, which you can read in Hungarian here. My subject of them is the relationship between God and Man, the release of knowledge covered by time, self- and soul healing.

The instruments I play: Shaman drum, Turkish drum (darbuka), Jew's harp, different folk whistles, lute, baglama, Nepalese violin.

I always perform dressed in ancient Hungarian costume.

You can see some videos and photos about my performances and my songs.
I perform musical lectures, meditations, ancient rituals (such as wedding-, child-birth-, funeral-, equinox ceremonies and lectures on history), Scythian sudatory ceremonies, soul travelling, audio healing.
If you are interested, please write me:!
God bless you on your way!
Peace be with you -
József Sziránszki “the Bard”